夕食の買い物(フードストアあおき 伊東店)
Shopping for the dinner

4月23日、WEHOMEメンバーは千葉を出発し、静岡の城ヶ崎海岸まで山や海の自然の眺めを楽しみながらドライブへ。道中、夕食の買出しの為、スタッフおすすめの「フードストアあおき」で野菜や海鮮をGET!夜はWEHOME VLLA 城ヶ崎温泉で、現場スタッフと合流し、活発なディスカッションと楽しい仲間づくりの夜を過ごしました。

On April 23, the team from WeHome set out from Chiba for a picturesque drive to the Jogasaki Coast in Shizuoka. Along the way, we visited Food Store Aoki, recommended by the team members, to purchase fresh vegetables and seafood for dinner!
The evening was spent at the We Home Villa Jogasaki Onsen, where representatives and several part-time colleagues gathered for a dinner filled with lively discussions and a pleasant night of camaraderie.


The following day, April 24, started with a light drizzle. The group took an hour’s drive to Numazu Port where pairs ventured into a virtual reality deep-sea exploration aboard a submarine. The VR adventure, offered through Deep Cruise, provided an immersive experience of the oceanic depths.


Later, the WeHome team visited one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, the Joren Waterfall, located in central Izu.


Nearby, a small shop caught everyone’s attention, offering unforgettable local treats like mustard dumplings and mustard ice cream, which are highly recommended for their unique flavors.


As the weather cleared up, the team drove to Dogashima on the west coast of Izu, where we enjoyed a boat tour.


The clear waters and panoramic views of the islands were a highlight, offering a tranquil end to the adventurous day.


At the end of the trip, we toasted with local drinks and headed home, looking forward to another enjoyable company outing!